The CCK is excited to offer LSU faculty several grant opportunities! Please see below for more information. And please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Michael Pasquier, Director of the CCK, with any questions that you may have. We’re here to support interdisciplinary research and teaching at LSU.

CCK Guest Speaker Grant

The CCK sponsors and co-sponsors university-wide guest speakers with the goal to bring leading scholars in interdisciplinary research and teaching to the LSU community. Priority consideration will be given to guest speakers whose scope and methods span more than one discipline, and whose topics are of interest to faculty and students from a range of scholarly perspectives. Click here for submission guidelines for the CCK Guest Speaker Grant (PDF).

CCK Collaborative Symposium Grant

The CCK fosters inter-College collaboration by co-funding multidisciplinary symposia on topics that include a range of scholarly perspectives, especially those that are coordinated with other academic units and research activities designed to support faculty and student research. Click here for submission guidelines for the CCK Collaborative Symposium Grant (PDF).

CCK Collaborative Research Seminar Grant

The CCK seeks to combine the intellectual energies of professors and graduate students at LSU from a variety of academic disciplines. The purpose of the grant is to support research that represents innovations in interdisciplinary studies and builds bridges between the Colleges, Schools, Departments, and Programs of LSU. Each seminar participant will receive $500 (up to 6 participants), with the expectation that the seminar will meet regularly over the course of the academic year. Click here for submission guidelines for the CCK Collaborative Research Seminar Grant (PDF).

In coordination with the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED), the CCK wants to work with LSU faculty to compete for the NSF’s “Growing Convergence Research” program. The NSF defines “convergence research” as “a means for solving vexing research problems” and “complex problems focusing on societal needs,” which “entails integrating knowledge, methods, and expertise from different disciplines and forming novel frameworks to catalyze scientific discovery and innovation.” The CCK’s mission is to cultivate this kind of interdisciplinary research. Contact Dr. Michael Pasquier if you would like to discuss ways that the CCK might facilitate new or ongoing work in this direction.

The CCK welcomes the faculty of LSU to share other ideas for collaboration with Dr. Michael Pasquier or any other member of the CCK Advisory Board. There is great work to be done!