Louisiana’s wetlands are vanishing faster than any other coastal region in the United States. It is a slow-motion disaster of incredible proportions, with almost 2,000 square miles of land lost over the last 100 years. The combination of coastal erosion, land subsidence, and sea level rise means that the communities of the coast face uncertain futures.

The Human Coast is an interdisciplinary initiative aimed at ensuring that the students and faculty of LSU will become leaders in the long process of restoring and protecting the peoples, lands, and waters of coastal Louisiana. The goal of The Human Coast is to fuse the perspectives of scientists, engineers, economists, and policymakers with those of historians, geographers, architects, and ethnographers. At the heart of The Human Coast is careful attention to the human dimensions of environmental and infrastructural challenges facing those who live in coastal zones.

Dr. Craig Colten and Dr. Michael Pasquier are leaders of The Human Coast initiative. If you are an LSU faculty member interested in getting involved, please contact us to find out more.